6 Benefits of an Auto-Attendant Solution For Your Business

A reputable Auto-Attendant solution will ensure that you never miss a business call again. With live operator back up features and phone app integrations, an Auto-Attendant guarantees that your business will always put a professional face forward. Some of the benefits include:

1. Live Operator Backup

A reputable Auto-Attendant solution will come with a live operator backup. After a certain number of telephone rings, the live operator will serve as a virtual receptionist that answers on behalf of your business. This feature is extremely useful if you are busy and away from your phone, but still, need all of your phone calls to be answered. Your customers will never suffer from a missed phone call and the message will be relayed to you within an hour.

2. Automatic Call Routing

Automatic call routing or automatic call distribution (ACD) is a feature that allows you to route your calls to departments or agents with specialized skills and knowledge. For example, the announcer might ask  callers to “Press 1 for English or Press 2 for Spanish.” Your Attendant-Attendant solution will help you set up a routing strategy that’s the most beneficial for callers to always reach the right representative.

3. Flexible Announcement Presentation

An Auto-Attendant solution will offer you the flexibility to create custom announcements and greetings. For example, let’s say you’re having a sale for Memorial Day and want to advertise this to your callers. You can set up an announcement that tells callers about this sale while they’re waiting on the phone. Flexible announcements can be customized for holidays, special promotions, business hours, and much more.

4. App Integration

A reliable Auto-Attendant solution will allow you to take your Auto-Attendant wherever you on the go. With Utility Telecoms Auto-Attendant and Answering Service solutions, you’ll be able to download Accession Communicator directly from the app store on your phone so you can answer and respond to callers no matter where you are in the world.

5. Professionalism

After being surveyed, business owners felt that having an Auto-Attendant increased their businesses professionalism. You can record greetings internally or hire a voice actor to make custom phone greetings. Either way, your business will always have a professional image when customers call.

6. Reduce Cost

A cloud-based Auto-Attendant will save your business money and resources. There’s no need to hire a receptionist to answer and route calls when a fully managed system will do all of the work for you. Utility Telecom’s Advanced Messaging Service started at $89 a month for all of the features listed above plus more.