Managed IT Services

Utility Telecom’s Managed IT Services can save you money on IT cost and improve efficiency on your servers and software. Our all-in-one solution gives you peace of mind and provides professional, comprehensive support at a fixed price. Unfortunate most organizations set up their IT infrastructure based on business and operation needs rather than security considerations and requirements. This is why Utility Telecom’s top of the line features will help your business meet all of your goals. Our goal is to serve as your technology partner. Never worry about a network and hardware failure again with our Managed IT Service.


24/7 System Monitoring

Our 24/7 system monitoring protects your internal systems and networks.

User Account Management

Our 24/7 user account management manages all your resources to keep you stress-free.

Software License Management

We ensure compliance for all of your software licenses and handle the back-end for you.


Software Deployment

Your software will run smoothly in its environment. The deployment will be effortless.

Security Patch Management

Never worry about any threats to your account’s security with patch management.

Monitor Performance with Analytics

We manage all of your clients in one centralized location at our headquarters in Stockton, CA.



Never get stuck talking to a machine when you reach our support line. Our 24/7 live customer support team is full of qualified, experts to help you with your needs.