Accession Communicator

With the ‘always-on’ workforce and the rise of cost-effective smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are increasingly becoming portable extensions of the business communications infrastructure. You can now solidify this relationship with Accession Communicator. Accession Communicator is filled with calling features that allow you to choose which calls to receive based on a built-in contact list available in Accession Communicator, contacts in Outlook, or your corporate directory. Catching up on voicemails is made easier than ever using visual voicemail with written transcriptions available.


Integrate Your Contacts

See and access all your contacts, including the corporate directory, on any device. Search, call and edit any of your contacts effortlessly and keep them synchronized.

Visual Voicemail

Easily check your voice, video and fax messages. Your voice messages can be translated into text so you can read them without dialing in to retrieve them.

Chat Features

Use the app to send instant messages to other people in your corporate directory who are using the same service, no matter what device they are using.

Web Portal Access

Access our web portal, CommPortal for end users and administrators to make edit and changes directly from their desktop or phone.

Business Grade Features

Powerful features such as Auto Attendant, music on hold dial-by-name, and web conferencing will allow you to get everything you need in one app.

Contact Center

Optional contact center capabilities for call queuing, monitoring, & reporting to provide an omnichannel customer support solution.


Never get stuck talking to a machine when you reach our support line. Our 24/7 live customer support team is full of qualified, experts to help you with your needs.